Tinsukia, June 11: In a deeply disturbing incident, a six-month-pregnant woman tragically lost her life at the Assam Medical College and Hospital (AMCH) five days after her father-in-law severed her hands in Tinsukia. The shocking incident has sent shockwaves through the community and has led to the detainment of the accused.

The victim, identified as Sangeeta Kumari, had sought medical attention at the hospital but sadly succumbed to her injuries, along with her unborn child. The father-in-law, Harinder Prasad, was taken into custody in connection with the heinous crime.

Reports reveal that the incident occurred at their residence on Manav Kalyan Road in Tinsukia town on June 4, following a heated argument. Allegedly, Harinder brutally attacked Sangeeta with a machete after she and her husband, Rajat Prasad, resisted his demand to install a CCTV camera inside their home. Authorities believe that Harinder acted out of fury when he carried out the vicious attack on Sangeeta.

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It has been disclosed that the accused had complained to the Tinsukia police a day prior, alleging that his son and daughter-in-law were preventing him from installing the CCTV camera. The tragic turn of events unfolded soon after, leaving Sangeeta severely injured.

Rajat and concerned neighbors rushed Sangeeta to Tinsukia City Hospital, from where she was later transferred to AMCH due to the critical nature of her injuries. In a shocking turn of events, Harinder presented himself at the Tinsukia police station immediately after the incident, surrendering the weapon used in the brutal attack.

“The accused, who has confessed to the crime, was initially charged with attempted murder. However, with the victim’s unfortunate demise, he will now face charges of murder,” stated Parag Jyoti Buragohain, the officer-in-charge of Tinsukia police station.

The shocking incident has sparked outrage and demands for justice in the community, with authorities assuring that the investigation will be thorough and that the accused will be held accountable for this gruesome act. The loss of a young woman and her unborn child has highlighted the urgent need for stricter measures to prevent such heinous crimes and ensure the safety and well-being of individuals within their own homes.