Rahul Gandhi Slams Tripura Government Over UAPA Charges

Tripura, Nov 8: On November 8, former Congress head Rahul Gandhi remarked that booking individuals with the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) in Tripura will not quite be true. He also went after the BJP, accusing it of using “shooting the messenger” as a cover-up method.

The reaction occurred when the police used the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) to target social media accounts belonging to journalists and activists in connection with reported confrontations and attacks on mosques in Tripura.

Meanwhile,  through the platform of Twitter, Rahul Gandhi said that bringing up the fact that Tripura is on fire is a call to action. However, the BJP’s favourite cover-up strategy is to shoot the communication. UAPA will not be able to silence the truth.

The tweet posted by him was, “Pointing out that Tripura Is Burning is a call for corrective action. But BJP’s favourite cover-up tactic is shooting the messenger. Truth can’t be silenced by UAPA.”

On Saturday, the Tripura Police filed UAPA, criminal fraud, and counterfeiting accusations against 102 social media account users, and gave notifications to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube authorities to freeze their accounts and provide any relevant information.

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While Tripura Police have filed a complaint about four Supreme Court attorneys under the stringent act and different parts of the Indian Penal Code for reportedly inciting communal strife through social media remarks on the state’s recent unrest.

Following the October 26 incident, the State Government claimed on October 29 that an outside organization having special interests plotted against the government to cause unrest in Tripura and tarnish its image by posting phoney photos of a burning mosque on social networking sites.