indoor hall

Itanagar, April 12: The Department of Tirap, Changlang, and Longding (DoTCL) Minister Wangki Lowang of Arunachal Pradesh rededicated a renovated indoor hall to the people of Tirap district on Monday. The indoor hall, which was damaged by a storm in 2019, was renovated by the Arunachal Pradesh Sports Department.

The Minister commended the efforts of the district sports officer for the development of games and sports in the district, stating that the sportspersons of the district have been able to win medals at state, national, and international levels under his leadership.

The renovated indoor hall, located in Deomali, now houses a synthetic badminton court, a table tennis court, and a karate floor.

The Minister also assisted financially in the renovation works, along with the Sports Department, which provided one synthetic badminton court each.

District Sports Officer Noah Mongku expressed his gratitude towards the Minister, Sports Minister Mama Natung, Sports Secretary Anirudh Singh, and Sports Director Tadar Appa for their concern for the development of sports and for providing the synthetic floor.

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The rededication ceremony was attended by Deomali ADC Vishakha Yadav, the Deomali and Soha ZPMs, and engineers from the Urban Development, Water Resources, and Public Health Engineering departments. The renovated indoor hall is expected to provide a boost to the local sports scene and provide opportunities for athletes to develop their skills and compete at higher levels.

The development of sports facilities is crucial for the overall well-being of individuals, and it is especially important for children and youth to have access to these facilities.

With the renovated indoor hall, the people of Tirap district will now have access to better sports facilities and can engage in a wider range of sports activities. This will not only improve their physical health but also help in building their mental and emotional resilience.

The rededication of the renovated indoor hall is a significant step towards promoting sports and encouraging more people to participate in sports activities in Arunachal Pradesh.