East Khasi Hills

1. East Khasi Hills district leads in e-waste generation, according to MSPCB’s report at the summit.
2. West Garo Hills district follows closely behind as the second-highest e-waste generator.
3. The report’s findings shed light on the pressing need for effective e-waste management strategies.

Shillong, May 22: The Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (MSPCB) unveiled findings indicating that the East Khasi Hills district leads in e-waste generation during the E-waste Management Summit 2024 held on May 21.

Following East Khasi Hills, West Garo Hills district ranks second in e-waste generation, as per the report’s findings. GH Chyrmang, the member-secretary of MSPCB, highlighted the significance of compiling an e-waste inventory to address environmental concerns and e-waste pollution effectively.

Chyrmang emphasized that a considerable portion of the e-waste originates from commercial entities, educational institutions, and workplaces, indicating a widespread lack of awareness regarding e-waste disposal and management.

To combat this issue, Chyrmang proposed a shift in people’s perception towards waste management, advocating for the categorization of waste into distinct types such as solid waste, e-waste, and plastic waste.

This approach aims to enhance awareness and facilitate proper disposal methods for different waste categories.

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In a collaborative effort, MSPCB partnered with Hulladek Recycling Private Limited to introduce dedicated E-Waste Bins across the state, providing a practical solution for managing e-waste. The initiative kicked off with the installation of the first e-waste bin at the MSPCB office.

Plans are underway to deploy an additional 50 e-waste bins across various locations in Meghalaya in the coming months.

These bins offer a convenient and secure disposal method for electronic waste, including old household appliances, computer components, chargers, and batteries.

Through such initiatives, MSPCB aims to raise awareness about e-waste management, promote responsible disposal practices, and mitigate the environmental impact of electronic waste accumulation in Meghalaya.