Mizo tribes

Aizawl, Sept 19: Representatives of various ethnic Mizo sub-tribes in the Manipur hill tribal area are set to elect office bearers for the newly formed organization called ‘Zo United’ in Aizawl. This initiative aims to bring together different ethnic Mizo sub-tribes under a single umbrella organization to strengthen unity and coordination among them.

Letpao Haokip, Manipur’s Minister for Tribal Affairs and Hills department, will be convener of the meeting held in Aizawl, with the central committee of the Young Mizo Association (YMA) hosting the crucial gathering.

Ethnic Mizo sub-tribe groups, including the Kuki Inpi, Hmar Inpui, Paite Tribe Council (representing the Zomi/Zo sub-tribe), United Zou Organisation, Simte Tribe Council, and Mizo People’s Convention, will each send a representative to the meeting.

The decision to form ‘Zo United’ came in response to ongoing attacks by the majority Meitei community against the minority ethnic Mizos. These incidents prompted a need for a stronger united front to protect tribal lands from marauding Meitei militant organizations.

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The representatives of the organizations embarked on a challenging 370-kilometer road journey from Churachandpur to Aizawl to attend the meeting. The absence of a proposed helicopter service between the two locations left them with no other transportation option.

The formation of ‘Zo United’ represents an effort to create a unified front to address the challenges faced by ethnic Mizo sub-tribes in the Manipur hill tribal area. By bringing these groups together, the organization aims to promote coordination, collaboration, and unity among the different sub-tribe-based associations from the Kuki-Zomi-Hmar-Mizo communities. This initiative seeks to protect the interests and lands of these ethnic minorities and address the ongoing tensions between them and the Meitei community.