Cachar Section 144

1. Section 144 was imposed in Cachar ahead of Lok Sabha nominations in the Silchar constituency.
2. Measure taken to prevent election-related violence, malpractices, and disturbances.
3. Decision aimed at ensuring a smooth and peaceful nomination filing process.

Cachar, March 28: Amid preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the Silchar constituency of Assam’s Barak Valley, the Cachar district administration has imposed Section 144, prohibiting certain activities during the nomination filing process.

The decision to enforce prohibitory orders comes as a precautionary measure to prevent potential election-related violence, malpractices, and disturbances to peace and order.

The Silchar constituency is scheduled for polling in the second phase on April 26, with the nomination filing period set to commence shortly.

Under the directives issued by Cachar District Magistrate Rohan Kumar Jha, Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code has been invoked.

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This prohibits the assembly of more than five individuals within a 100-meter radius of the office of the returning officer or assistant returning officer.

Furthermore, the order restricts the entry of more than two vehicles within the same perimeter of the election office.

These measures are aimed at maintaining security and orderliness during the crucial nomination filing process.

Additionally, the order prohibits the assembly of more than five people in processions accompanying candidates during the nomination filing period.

This restriction aims to mitigate the risk of large gatherings that could potentially disrupt the electoral process.

By implementing Section 144, the district administration aims to ensure a smooth and peaceful nomination filing process, fostering an environment conducive to free and fair elections in the Silchar constituency.