Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura sees a recent addition of diverse animal species.
2. Notable newcomers include two Royal Bengal tigers, two leopards, and various bird species.
3. This influx follows an exchange program with North Bengal Zoo, enriching both sanctuaries’ biodiversity.

Agartala, Feb 06: The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura has received a fresh influx of animals, enhancing its diverse ecosystem.

Among the newcomers are two Royal Bengal tigers, two leopards, four golden pigeons, a silver pigeon, two peafowls, and four hill mynas.

These animals are part of an exchange program with the North Bengal Zoo, involving a total of 18 animals arriving in Tripura, while 12 animals from the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary will be sent to North Bengal.

According to an official statement, the newcomers from North Bengal will undergo a mandatory one-month quarantine before being available for public viewing.

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To ensure the safety of both incoming and outgoing animals during the loading and unloading process, the sanctuary will be closed to visitors for two days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This exchange initiative not only contributes to the biodiversity of both regions but also demonstrates a dedication to conservation efforts and cooperation between wildlife sanctuaries.