Sikkim Congress

1. Sikkim Congress prepares for upcoming elections with President Gopal Chettri’s meeting with the AICC Screening Committee in Delhi.
2. Key members including Rana KP Singh, Jaivardhan Singh, and Ivan D’Souza participated in the discussion.
3. The focus was on strategizing for both Assembly and Lok Sabha Polls in Sikkim, emphasizing the party’s readiness for the electoral contests.

Gangtok, Feb 09: Sikkim Congress is gearing up for the forthcoming elections, as President Gopal Chettri recently convened with the All India Congress Committee (AICC) Screening Committee in Delhi, joined by Treasurer Karma Tashi Bhutia.

The meeting, chaired by prominent members like Rana KP Singh, Jaivardhan Singh, and Ivan D’Souza, along with AICC Secretary Incharge Sikkim, Ranajit Mukherjee, focused on strategizing for both the Assembly and Lok Sabha Polls in Sikkim.

With an unwavering commitment to contesting the elections vigorously, the Congress party affirmed its dedication during the discussions.

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Key topics of deliberation included identifying potential candidates for the upcoming electoral contests, spanning both assembly constituencies and the crucial Lok Sabha seat.

The meeting underscored the significance of these discussions in shaping the electoral strategy, ensuring comprehensive planning, and securing robust representation for the Congress party in Sikkim.