Sikkim G20

Gangtok, March 16: Border-sensitive state Sikkim is hosting two G20 meetings and Sikkim’s Organic Mission will be the Unique Selling Point (USP).

The first meeting will be held on Thursday which will be of Business 20 and 24 countries are taking part on 18th March there will be a Startup 20 meeting.

More than a hundred delegates from different countries have already arrived in Sikkim. The Chief Minister of Sikkim Prem Singh Tamang and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the organizer of the meeting, contacted the media about it.

CM during the press conference said “it is a privileged moment for Sikkim to host two G20 meetings under the presidency of India. He said there will be B20 which is Business 20 and S 20 Startup 20. I would like to thank PM, Narendra Modi, for providing us to host the meetings it’s a great responsibility to host G20. The theme for the meeting is Vashudaiva Kutumbakam.”

CM Prem Singh Tamang Sikkim has got this golden opportunity to showcase ourselves, our potentials that are Tourism, Organic Farming, and Industries specially Pharmaceuticals.

CM also said Sikkim has no labour union and there is no shutdown of factories in 365 days it has remained and during Covid 19 pandemic also all the pharma were not closed down and there is an increase in forest cover also Sikkim is small but the tourism sector is vibrant these things we will highlight during the meetings and government is all prepared.

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He also appealed to entrepreneurs working in various fields to get ready to cash in the opportunity that also worked.

He also said apart from G20 countries representatives from Sikkim entrepreneurs and stakeholders, representatives from pharma companies, tourism, homestay, and farmers for organic will also take part in the meeting for Organic Farming and there will be a showcase of traditional local food.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary VB Pathak said “for any investment summit crores will be needed but through this meeting, we got an opportunity to showcase our products and to show our potential in various fields. He informed us that during the technical session, we will market our tourism potential in front of the 26 countries without investing a single penny we will get an opportunity to show our green investment destination industry dept to give a detailed presentation Two delegates from China also take part in the meeting.”

Countries that are taking part in the meetings are Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Turkey, Jamaica, Ireland Nepal, Peru, Sweden, Mexico, USA, Costarica, South Africa, Japan, Czech Republic, Ghana Romania, Greece, Norway, Argentina, Sri Lanka, and Canada.