freak accident

US, November 24: Jumping a red light is never a wise idea even if a road is empty, a viral video clip showing a freak accident involving at least three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) in Indianapolis, Indiana has gone viral.

Shared on YouTube by ViralHog, the clip of a freak accident opens with a dashcam shot of a car stopping at a signal. A pedestrian walks across a zebra crossing as the camera presents a wide shot of the empty road in front. But just after the man is about to exit the frame, an incoming SUV gets rammed by another speeding SUV, launching the former into the air.

As the SUV that made the collision comes to a halt just a few feet ahead of the car with the dashcam, the second SUV returns to the frame atop a third SUV. The incident took place on 17 October in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The dashcam owner said he and his wife were driving Eastbound on 82nd street at around 12:30 pm when an SUV ran a red light at Hague road. “An oncoming vehicle didn’t see the red light. The struck vehicle sprinkled mine with parts and the sunroof,” the driver with the dashcam was quoted as saying by ViralHog.

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The post added that one of the SUVs landed on a Jaguar car that was waiting at the light. A total of six vehicles were damaged in the crash. No one suffered serious injuries, according to the description on YouTube.