Viral Video: Black Cobra Drinks Water From Glass

Mumbai, November 25: Video and photographs on the internet are full of bizarre and rare content, as fascinating as black Cobra videos have always been due to the reptile’s majestic stature and fearsome reputation, some moments leave us astonished at its beauty.

By uploading a video to Instagram on November 15, the handle ‘Royal Pythons‘ shared a video showing the cobra drinking water from a glass.

During the video, a black cobra is shown lowering its head and drinking water from a glass of water held by a person.

“This is amazing!” were the captions. A terrorizing Black-necked spitting cobra recorded a video that has gained more than 1 lakh views on Instagram.

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A 44-second video clip left internet users impressed with the video’s “amazing” qualities. Another user commented, “Beautiful animal and amazingly calm and confident.” One user wrote, “Who knew watching snakes drink water could be relaxing?”

Netizens had been captivated by a picture taken earlier of three cobras trailing a bark in the Harisal forest of Maharashtra’s Amravati district.

There is rarely a case of three cobras together other than during the mating season. Once hibernating snakes emerge to breed and they all gather together.