Viral Video: Elephant Proposes Lover With Flowers

Nov 25: It’s the best thing you’ll see on the internet these days, to see an elephant propose to a female elephant in a video going viral.

Elephants can do better than humans what humans can! It comes as no surprise that everyone loves this clip, and can’t get enough of the cute couple.

In the video, one can see the elephant carrying a bunch of pink flowers in its trunk. According to the tusker, he appears to be ready to propose.

Who says old romances are dead? He then extends his hand to his lover in order to propose. However the internet perceives the real reason for the flowers, it is undoubtedly a proposal.

Female elephants very lovingly accept the proposal made to them. This should definitely assist you in your efforts to keep it simple and easy to understand.

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A page called “elephantsofworld” shared the video on Instagram. Comments and likes poured into the clip.

I want a proposal like this,” commented an Instagram user.

True love,” said another.

Recently another video of a mahout combing an elephant’s hair in the clip went viral. Tuskers usually have bob-cut hair, and it seemed he was quite enjoying the saloon experience.

For its part, the elephant bent down to make it easier for the mahout to comb its hair. According to reports, this video comes from the village of Thekkampatti in Coimbatore.