Meghalaya Christmas

Shillong, Dec 24: The best way to spend Christmas in Meghalaya is to get yourself invited to a local’s house and savor the delicious food and wine. Christmas is celebrated in Meghalaya like Diwali is celebrated in Delhi, just to set the context right.

If you are in Meghalaya, this Christmas and wondering what to do? Here is the list

Visit churches in Shillong: Shillong has the most beautiful and old churches which get flocked for morning and evening prayers on the day. If you want to experience the culture up close and personal then it’s a great way to start the day. Be respectful of the place and wear formals if you are going for the mass. Some of my personal favorite churches are Laitumkhrah Presbyterian and Shillong Catholic Cathedral.

Cafes: Chances are most cafes will be closed at night due to celebrations, so can visit them to have breakfast or lunch. They look really pretty and Instagram-worthy with Christmas lights and decor. Also, don’t forget to add Cinnamon to your coffee. In my head, Christmas has a smell and that is Cinnamon.

Shopping: Buy the best Christmas goodies while shopping in Laitumkhrah & Police bazaar for your next Christmas back at home. Trust me you’ll always cherish those forever. You can find some handcrafted wooden Christmas trees and decor in some small shops.

Camp at night: A billion stars and a campfire can be your decor for Christmas if you choose to camp out. Sing some jingles on guitar with your friends/family. There are many beautiful campsites near Shillong. My personal favorites are Laitlum Grand Canyon, Mawphlang sacred groove, and Dawki/Shnonpdeng.

• Again Make some local friends and make sure you get invited to celebrate Christmas with them. Well, there’s no guide for that.

Ahead of Christmas, almost every nook and corner of Shillong, general people, tourists, and local businesses of the city are having their moment and enjoying the buzz and rush of the year’s most awaited time.

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The lights are up in every neighborhood of the city, tourists from far and near are already here with their itineraries and the market places of Shillong are experiencing activity like never before.

The capital city of Meghalaya is now at its absolute best with lights illuminating the churches, buildings, government offices, commercial centres, and residences, making for a glorious site for onlookers. In such a celebratory mood and environment, Christmas and New Year are going to be, from what it looks like, an unmissable affair in the cold December of 2021.