Want to Know about PM Security

Delhi, Jan 06: The security of the PM during a visit to the state is as per the security instructions given in the blue book issued by the Ministery Home Affair.

Based on our interaction with serving top security officials and officers who have served in the SPG, the blue book is issued to the states. The travel plan of the Prime Minister is shared with the Chief Minister of the state where the PM is travelling along with the Home Minister, Director General of Police, and Chief Secretary.

After that, an SPG official meets with the state officials for security liaison arrangements. Along with the SSP and DM, the security plan in the district is made and signed by all participants of the meeting. Contingency plans are made by the agencies at all levels for any emergency situation.

The SSP is also part of the PM’s carcade and an alternative route is always kept ready for the PM travel.

PM Modi’s carcade was stopped 30 km before the Hussainiwala National Memorial at a flyover on Wednesday where he had to be surrounded by SPG guards as so-called farmers blocked his way there for 15-20 mins. This incident is being seen as a major security breach in PM security.

PM security

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According to Former SPG official PK Mishra, this incident has created a major challenge before the security agencies.

The first responsibility of PM security in a state is that of the state agencies. A conspiracy also cannot be ruled out and the foremost responsibility is that of the state DGP.

Now we will tell you that how is the PM carcade formed. The first car is the advanced pilot warning vehicle, the technical car followed by the VVIP car, and the ambulance along with other cars.

All the vehicles have to go through a thorough check by the SPG. The carcade has a minimum of five vehicles including the VVIP car along with the spare car and other mandatory vehicles. They are followed by cars of the SSP, DM, and local intelligence officials.