When passengers thought about last flight of life for two hours but finally, the flight landed safely

Kathmandu, Sept 28: A Buddha Air flight carrying 72 people and four crew members from Kathmandu to Biratnagar had to burn fuel over the skies for an emergency landing back in Kathmandu on Monday morning after witnessing a technical glitch.

The Kathmandu airport confirmed that the passenger plane had burned fuel to reduce its landing weight.

As per the information, the plane made a comeback to Kathmandu after one of the two landing gear indicators did not illuminate at the time when it was preparing to land in Biratnagar.

Two individual indicators, one for each gear, indicate the position of the landing gear.

In such situations, the pilot may take the rare decision to dump or burn fuel and reduce the aircraft’s weight quickly.

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The flight Buddha Air U4 701 was forced to circle the skies for 24 minutes to burn fuel because a normal landing in such a situation would not have been safe with a full fuel tank.

The Kathmandu airport was closed for 30 minutes for an emergency landing.

But a few minutes later the Buddha Air pilot communicated to the air traffic controller that everything was normal.