1. ZPM leader Lalduhoma, after a landslide victory in Mizoram Assembly polls, to meet the Governor for government formation.
2. The meeting with Governor Hari Babau Kambhampati is scheduled for 10:30 am at Raj Bhawan in Aizawl.
3. ZPM secured a commanding win with 27 out of 40 assembly seats, signaling a significant political shift in Mizoram.

Aizawl, Dec 06: After securing a resounding victory in the Mizoram Assembly polls, Lalduhoma, the leader of the Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) and the Chief Ministerial candidate of the party, is set to meet the state Governor, Hari Babau Kambhampati, today at Raj Bhawan in Aizawl around 10:30 am.

The ZPM achieved a landslide victory by winning 27 out of 40 assembly constituencies in Mizoram, with results declared on December 4.

Lalduhoma, who is poised to assume the role of the next Chief Minister, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support, attributing the victory to both divine blessings and the people’s trust.

Anticipating this triumph since the previous year, Lalduhoma highlighted the favorable sentiments of the people and the absence of any significant contender for the Chief Minister’s position.

The ZPM had declared Lalduhoma as the Chief Ministerial candidate well in advance, and the people were already informed of this decision.

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Speaking about the priorities of the new government, Lalduhoma mentioned plans for a press meeting after the swearing-in ceremony to announce the top priorities. The ZPM conducted a special worship service to mark their victory, with newly elected MLA Baryl Vanneihsangi attributing her win to every woman in the community.

Addressing broader concerns, newly elected MLA Lalnghinglova Hmar emphasized the importance of not turning a blind eye to Myanmar refugees in Mizoram, asserting that they are also Mizos and should not be ignored.

Lalduhoma’s journey from heading the security detail for former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to leading the ZPM to a historic win has been marked by resilience and determination. His career as an IPS officer commenced in 1977, where he notably served in Goa, tasked with addressing issues related to delinquent hippies and smugglers.

Lalduhoma later transitioned to politics, joining the Congress and winning the Mizoram Lok Sabha seat in 1984. Subsequently, he founded the ZPM, which, over time, became a significant player in Mizoram’s political landscape.

In 2020, Lalduhoma faced disqualification as a Legislative Assembly member for violating the anti-defection law. However, he made a triumphant comeback, winning the by-election for the Serchhip seat in 2021, solidifying his influence in Mizoram’s political arena.