Arunachal Airtel

Itanagar, May 15: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu took to Twitter to express his delight as Airtel India successfully commissioned a 4G network tower in Supliang village, located in the Anjaw district. The inauguration of this tower brings with it the promise of enhanced internet and broadband connectivity for the region.

In his tweet, CM Pema Khandu shared his happiness at the completion of this significant infrastructure project. The commissioning of the 4G network tower is expected to bridge the digital divide and bring reliable high-speed internet access to the people of Supliang village and its surrounding areas.

With the introduction of 4G technology, residents of Anjaw district can now enjoy seamless connectivity and access to a wide range of online services and applications. This development is expected to have a positive impact on various aspects of the community, including education, healthcare, business, and communication.

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Improved internet connectivity enables students to access online educational resources, allowing them to enhance their learning experience and gain knowledge beyond the boundaries of their classrooms.

It also opens up opportunities for telemedicine services, enabling people in remote areas to connect with healthcare professionals and access quality medical advice and treatment.

Furthermore, the availability of reliable broadband connectivity stimulates economic growth by facilitating e-commerce, online banking, and digital entrepreneurship. It enables local businesses to expand their reach, connect with a larger customer base, and leverage the power of the digital economy.

The commissioning of the 4G network tower is a significant step towards bridging the digital divide and promoting inclusivity in remote areas. It demonstrates Airtel India’s commitment to expanding its network infrastructure and bringing advanced telecommunications services to underserved regions.

The successful implementation of this project in Supliang village sets a positive precedent for similar initiatives in other remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh. It highlights the importance of connectivity and the role it plays in empowering communities, fostering development, and improving the overall quality of life.

As the residents of Supliang village and the entire Anjaw district celebrate this milestone, they can now look forward to enjoying seamless connectivity with 4G speed. The commissioning of the Airtel India 4G network tower marks a new chapter in the region’s digital transformation journey, promising enhanced opportunities and improved connectivity for all.