black spots

Guwahati, May 16: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has identified seven “black spots” in Assam that have been prone to frequent accidents, leading to loss of lives over the years.

These black spots, located from central to western parts of the state, have raised concerns about road safety and prompted the NHAI to take action in improving the infrastructure to prevent further accidents.

To categorize a stretch of road as a black spot, the ministry of road transport requires the occurrence of five road accidents or ten fatalities in a span of three consecutive years within a 500-meter stretch. Based on this definition, the NHAI identified the following black spots in Assam: Tihu junction, Society Chowk Rangia, Changsari-Madanpur stretch, Dabaka junction, Kishanbazar, Manikpur, and Sundari.

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The NHAI has planned various infrastructure refurbishments for these black spots to enhance traffic flow and reduce accidents. Vehicular underpasses (VUPs) will be constructed at three of the black spots, while the remaining areas will undergo junction improvement and the construction of rotaries.

At Society Chowk in Rangia town, a VUP is already under construction. This particular location holds significance as it serves as the divisional headquarters of the Northeast Frontier Railway and is frequently used by people traveling from neighboring Bhutan.

The completion of the VUP at Society Chowk will separate highway traffic from city traffic, eliminating the need for pedestrians to cross the highway. This improvement will facilitate safer and more efficient movement for the local residents and travelers passing through the area.

The NHAI aims to complete most of the infrastructure works in these black spots by August of next year, setting an 18-month deadline for the task. The primary objective is to save lives and ensure the safety of commuters in these accident-prone areas.

Specific improvements planned for each black spot include the construction of light VUPs at Kishanbazar and Manikpur in Bongaigaon district, junction improvements at Sundari in Chirang district, and extra service lanes and safety measures such as rumble strips at Tihu junction in Nalbari district.

Additionally, a new carriageway is being built at the Changsari-Madanpur stretch near Guwahati, while a rotary will replace the four-legged junction at Dabaka, which is an essential route for travelers heading to Nagaland from Guwahati.

By implementing these infrastructure enhancements, the NHAI aims to minimize the occurrence of accidents and create safer road conditions for the people of Assam. It is essential to prioritize road safety and continue investing in improvements to save valuable lives and promote efficient transportation in the state.