arson Manipur

Imphal, June 24: A fresh wave of violence has erupted in Manipur, as miscreants carried out an arson attack on a private godown owned by L Susindro Meitei, the Manipur Minister of Public Health Engineering Department, Consumer and Food Affairs.

The incident occurred in Ishirou near Sajiwa Jail in Imphal East. Additionally, a BJP office was also set ablaze during the same incident. The security forces were quick to respond, dispersing the mob and preventing further damage. The attack comes shortly before an all-party meeting convened by Union Home Minister Amit Shah to address the volatile situation in Manipur.

On June 24, unidentified individuals targeted the private godown owned by Minister L Susindro Meitei, attempting to set fire to his house as well. The prompt action of security forces prevented the mob from carrying out their destructive intentions, using tear gas to disperse them. The incident occurred in Ishirou, located near Sajiwa Jail in Imphal East. Alongside the minister’s property, a local BJP office was also set ablaze.

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Security forces were immediately dispatched to the scene to bring the situation under control. They worked swiftly to extinguish the fire and restore order. The incident has further heightened tensions in the region, prompting protests by various groups and organizations who are demanding protection and an end to the rampant incidents of arson and vandalism.

The arson attack comes just hours before the scheduled all-party meeting convened by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi. The meeting, set to take place at 3 pm, aims to address the ongoing unrest and violence in Manipur. It is a crucial opportunity for political leaders to come together and discuss strategies to restore peace and stability in the state.

In the face of continued violence, protesters from different groups and organizations have taken to the streets, demanding answers and seeking protection.

They have expressed their discontent with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the matter and called for immediate action to address the deteriorating situation in Manipur.

The recent arson attack targeting the private property of Manipur Minister L Susindro Meitei and a local BJP office has added fuel to the already volatile situation in Manipur. As security forces work to control the unrest, an all-party meeting has been scheduled to address the ongoing violence.

It is crucial for leaders to come together, listen to the concerns of the people, and devise effective strategies to restore peace and security in Manipur. The protesters’ demands for answers and protection highlight the urgent need for swift action and resolution in order to alleviate the fears and grievances of the affected communities.