foreign cigarettes

Champhai, March 30: Assam Rifles, in collaboration with the Customs Preventive Force, successfully recovered 235 cases of foreign cigarettes worth over Rs 3 crore from the Melbuk Refugee Camp in Mizoram’s Champhai district.

The illegal items were found dumped in the general area of the camp, along the India-Myanmar border. The seized consignment has been handed over to the Customs Preventive Force for further legal proceedings.

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The ongoing issue of smuggling illegal items in Mizoram remains a significant concern, and the Assam Rifles, also known as the ‘Sentinels of Northeast,’ has been actively working to combat this problem. In a recent operation in the Tlangsam area of Champhai, Assam Rifles, and the Customs department recovered 70 bags of illegal areca nuts worth Rs 39.20 lakh, following specific information.

It is crucial to note that the sale and distribution of foreign cigarettes are illegal in India, and their smuggling not only results in revenue loss for the government but also poses health risks for consumers.

Assam Rifles has been successful in launching several operations against smuggling activities in Mizoram and will continue to work towards eliminating illegal smuggling and ensuring the safety and security of the region.