CBI scam

Gangtok, Oct 14: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has initiated a major operation, booking 24 individuals, including government officials and private citizens, for their alleged involvement in a passport “scam.”

The CBI is currently conducting searches at 50 locations across West Bengal and Gangtok, with the aim of uncovering the extensive network responsible for issuing passports based on fraudulent documents.

According to CBI officials, the investigation has already led to the detention of a government official in Gangtok and a middleman involved in the passport scam. The FIR (First Information Report) lists 24 individuals, including 16 government officials, who are accused of facilitating the issuance of passports to ineligible individuals, including non-residents, in exchange for bribes. These passports were reportedly obtained through the submission of forged documents.

The search operations are being conducted in various cities, including Kolkata, Siliguri, Gangtok, and other locations. The CBI is leaving no stone unturned as it seeks to uncover the full extent of the passport scam and the involvement of government officials and private individuals in this illegal operation.

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The CBI’s investigation was initiated based on verified information that a private individual, in collaboration with government officials, played a significant role in facilitating the issuance of passports through fraudulent means. This operation has raised concerns about the integrity of the passport issuance process and the potential threats to national security.

“Searches are underway, and many suspects are under the radar,” mentioned a CBI official, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. The investigative team has already recovered substantial evidence related to the involvement of government officials in this illicit passport racket. The CBI is committed to ensuring that all those involved in this passport scam are brought to justice and that the system’s integrity is restored.

As the CBI’s extensive operation continues to unfold, it is expected that more details will emerge regarding the individuals and government officials involved in this fraudulent passport issuance scheme. The investigative agency remains determined to eliminate corruption and malpractice in passport issuance, upholding the credibility and security of the passport system in the region.