Conrad Sangma

1. TMC suffers a setback as MPs Arjun Singh and Dibyendu Adhikari join BJP ahead of elections.
2. Dibyendu Adhikari’s move from TMC to BJP signals a major shift in West Bengal’s politics.
3. Arjun Singh’s defection highlights growing challenges for TMC in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Shillong, March 16: The National People’s Party (NPP) officially launched its campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on Friday in Adokgre village, North Garo Hills District, Meghalaya, under the leadership of the party’s National President and Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma.

The meeting, attended by NPP party workers, was a significant event, with the party’s MP candidates for the elections, Agatha Sangma for Tura Constituency and Dr. Ampareen Lyngdoh for Shillong Constituency, along with all MLAs from the NPP Party, in attendance.

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma emphasized the significance of this launch, stating that it carried forward a tradition that started during the tenure of his late father, P A Sangma.

He viewed the event as a positive start to their campaign and an auspicious omen. Additionally, the party welcomed new members, including those from different political parties and retired government servants.

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Conrad Sangma, following in the footsteps of his father and the founder of the NPP, expressed his intention to uphold the party’s legacy.

The official commencement of the Lok Sabha election campaign from Chenangre Stadium in Adgre, a tradition initiated by his father, signifies the party’s commitment to its principles. The rally drew participation from hundreds of residents from various locations in the Garo Hills region.

Of particular note is the excitement among the party’s predominantly female voter base, as both Lok Sabha candidates are women.

Agatha Sangma, the incumbent MP and candidate from the Tura Lok Sabha constituency used the platform to highlight the government’s developmental initiatives. She stressed that the current state government prioritizes development across all departments for the welfare of Meghalaya’s residents.

Regarding national strategies for the upcoming MP elections, CM Conrad Sangma indicated that while decisions are yet to be finalized, discussions have been ongoing.

He explained, “As a national party, the National Committee has granted its consent for the national president to make the decision. I will discuss this with other leaders and we will make a decision based on the vision. However, as of now, we are focused on Shillong and Tura, the two seats we are sure of and have not yet decided on the others.”

This launch marks the beginning of an intensive campaign period for the NPP as they strive to secure victory in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections and uphold their commitment to serving the people of Meghalaya.