Congress manifesto

1. Congress revealed its Nyay Patra manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections at the AICC headquarters.
2. Key leaders like Mallikarjun Kharge, Sonia Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi were present at the unveiling ceremony.
3. The event emphasized the importance of the party’s electoral commitments.

New Delhi, April 05: The Congress party unveiled its manifesto, Nyay Patra, for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections at the AICC headquarters in New Delhi.

The release ceremony witnessed the participation of prominent leaders including Mallikarjun Kharge, Sonia Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi, highlighting the significance of the party’s electoral promises.

Key Promises from Nyay Patra:

  1. Paanch Nyay (Five Pillars of Justice):
    • Emphasis on ‘Yuva Nyay’, ‘Naari Nyay’, ‘Kisaan Nyay’, ‘Shramik Nyay’, and ‘Hissedari Nyay’ to ensure justice across various sectors.
  2. Employment Generation:
    • Commitment to fill nearly 30 lakh vacancies in sanctioned posts at various levels in the central government.
  3. Minimum Wage Guarantee:
    • Assurance of a national minimum wage of ₹400 per day.
  4. Healthcare Reform:
    • Adoption of the Rajasthan model for cashless insurance of up to ₹25 lakh for universal healthcare.
  5. Agricultural Reforms:
    • Legal guarantees for Minimum Support Price (MSP) recommended by the Swaminathan Commission.
  6. Minority Rights:
    • Ensuring freedom of choice in dress, food, language, and personal laws for minorities, with encouragement for personal law reforms.
  7. Socio-Economic Census and Reservations:
    • Nationwide socio-economic and caste Census to enumerate castes and sub-castes, along with a constitutional amendment to raise the 50% cap on reservations.
  8. Education and Student Loans:
    • Abolishment of application fees for government examinations and government posts, along with a one-time relief measure for unpaid student educational loans.
  9. LGBTQIA+ Rights:
    • Recognition of civil unions between couples belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community after wide consultation.
  10. Social Assistance Program:
    • Increase in central government pensions for senior citizens, widows, and persons with disabilities under the National Social Assistance Programme.
  11. Women Empowerment:
    • Reservation of 50% of central government jobs for women starting in 2025.
  12. Sports and Youth Development:
    • Enactment of separate legislation for sports federations to ensure compliance with the Olympic Charter, along with sports scholarships for talented youth.
  13. Mahalakshmi Scheme:
    • Introduction of the Mahalakshmi scheme providing ₹1 lakh per year as unconditional cash transfer to every poor Indian family.
  14. Election Reforms:
    • Amendment of election laws to combine electronic voting machines (EVMs) with voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) for transparency.
  15. Press Council and Media Regulation:
    • Empowerment of the Press Council of India to address fake news and paid news by amending the Press Council of India Act, 1978.
  16. Economic Growth and GST Reform:
    • Commitment to rapid GDP growth and wealth generation, with plans to replace the current GST laws with GST 2.0 based on a single, moderate rate.
  17. Foreign Policy:
    • Focus on repairing relations with countries like the Maldives and restoring border stability with China, with a strategic adjustment in policy until objectives are met.

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The Congress manifesto, Nyay Patra, outlines a comprehensive vision for governance and societal development, reflecting the party’s commitment to addressing key issues and ensuring justice and prosperity for all citizens.