Tripura Forest

1. The Tripura government, led by Forest Minister Animesh Debbaram, plans to plant 5 lakh saplings in a day.
2. Increase forest coverage to combat global warming amid scorching heatwave.
3. Current forest coverage is 66%; initiative targets expansion for environmental resilience.

Agartala, May 06: The Tripura government, under the leadership of Forest Minister Animesh Debbaram, announced plans to significantly boost the state’s forest coverage by planting five lakh saplings in a single day.

With the current forest coverage standing at 66 per cent, the initiative aims to combat the challenges posed by global warming amidst a scorching heatwave sweeping across the state. Debbaram emphasized the pivotal role of plantation drives in mitigating environmental risks.

The forest department has meticulously outlined a phased approach for the massive plantation campaign.

The targeted five lakh saplings will be strategically planted during the first week of July, although the exact date remains unspecified at this time.

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Ensuring the sustainability of the initiative, Debbaram underscored the importance of nurturing the newly planted saplings.

Measures will be implemented to safeguard the saplings post-plantation, thereby fostering the expansion of forest coverage throughout the northeastern state.

In a collaborative effort, the Forest minister urged citizens, social organizations, and clubs to actively participate in the tree plantation campaign.

Recognizing the need for collective action, he called upon stakeholders to join hands with the Forest department in this crucial endeavor.

Addressing concerns about developmental activities conflicting with conservation efforts, Debbaram acknowledged the necessity of tree felling for projects such as national highway expansion.

However, he reaffirmed the government’s commitment to striking a balance between development and environmental preservation.