Itanagar, Aug 25: In a significant infrastructure development near the Indo-China border, the Indian Army, in collaboration with the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), has successfully completed the construction of a crucial 120-ft long bridge in the Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh.

This newly inaugurated bridge, located near Mithumna, marks a substantial step in enhancing connectivity and accessibility to the region, benefitting both the local populace and strategic interests in the area. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the participation of members from the local Mishmi community, signifying the bridge’s importance to the local residents.

Arunachal bridge


The Chaglohagam circle in the Anjaw district is known for its remote location, situated along the border with China. The connectivity to Chaglohagam was primarily reliant on a single arterial road measuring 57 km in length, originating from Hayuliang. However, this road has historically faced challenges such as seasonal nullahs (small rivers) and landslides, particularly at the ‘Tha Nala’ near Mithumna, making it vulnerable to disruptions.

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The decision to construct the bridge at Tha Nala was driven by the urgent need for a more resilient and all-weather connection to Chaglohagam. The region is prone to flooding during torrential rains, a phenomenon that has tragically claimed the lives of local residents in the past.

The completion of this bridge has been met with immense gratitude from the village elders, who recognize its pivotal role in ensuring continuous road connectivity between Hayuliang and Chaglohagam. The bridge not only facilitates the daily lives of the local population but also holds strategic importance in bolstering the accessibility of this border region.

Senior officials from the Indian Army, along with high-ranking officers from the Border Roads Organisation, and various civil dignitaries, attended the inauguration ceremony. They took the opportunity to address the local villagers and reaffirmed their commitment to providing unwavering support to the region.

The inauguration of this bridge stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts between the Indian Army and the Border Roads Organisation in strengthening the nation’s infrastructure along sensitive border areas. It reflects India’s dedication to improving connectivity in remote regions and safeguarding its territorial interests, particularly in areas bordering China.

This vital infrastructure development not only enhances the lives of the local populace but also contributes to the overall security and preparedness of the nation, ensuring that even the most remote areas remain connected and accessible in all seasons.