IPS officer says his wife doesn't let him eat jalebis, Check what happens next

India, July 22: IPS officer Dr Sandeep Mittal’s post about jalebis has gone viral on social media. In his post, Dr Sandeep Mittal wrote about his love for jalebis and said that every piece of the delicious sweet was sold for 25 paise when he was young.

IPS Dr Mittal used to think that he will buy several jalebis and relish them once he grows up. But now, alas, although he earns for himself, his wife doesn’t let him eat jalebis much to his dismay.

On Twitter, Dr Mittal posted a picture of jalebis and wrote in Hindi, “During my childhood days, jalebis were sold for 25 paise each. I used to think that I will eat 3-4 jalebis every day once I grow up and start earning. Now, I earn for myself but my wife doesn’t let me eat jalebis.”

His wife Dr Richa Mittal happened to notice the tweet and responded, saying, “You come home today