No Mask on Roads Can Lead to Challans; Guwahati Police issued Warning to Public

Guwahati, July 22: Guwahati Police has issued a warning to the city that venturing outdoors without a mask can land them in “consequences” that include paying fines to the police for non-observance COVID protocols.

Guwahati Police’s innovative tweet contains a well-known Hindi song, “Hanste haste kat Jaye raste” but with a contextual change in the lines. Attaching pictures of four maskless individuals who have borne the brunt of the fines, it read, “Inke raste nahi, Challan kat Gaye“.

In the tweet, Guwahati Police made state COVID protocols adequately clear. In an obvious choice, it wrote, “Keep Your Mask on & Be Safe or Suffer the Consequences.” Using hashtags like “#DoubleMaskUp” the tweet emphasized the new restrictions imposed to tackle the spread of the virus.

Read the entire tweet here:

While the direction was made keeping mass welfare in mind, few Twitter users replied to the original tweet alleging that the rules catered only to the common people “Aam Admi” whereas the VIPs are exempted. A Twitter user replied, “Yes. There are separate norms for the rich, middle class, underprivileged, and politicians.ย  Bowing down to power has been in our veins, in our blood.”