Imphal, April 03: The Jiribam-Imphal new line railway project is a crucial connectivity project that will connect the northeastern region of India with the rest of the country.

This project is one of many capital connectivity projects undertaken by Indian Railways to construct new railway lines to connect all the state capitals of the northeastern region.

The Jiribam-Imphal new line railway project is at an advanced stage of completion and is expected to provide enhanced connectivity to the people of Manipur.

The project involves the construction of multiple tunnels and bridges in tough terrains throughout more than 111 km. The construction of the project involves the use of innovative technologies and techniques to overcome various challenges, including heavy rainfall and logistic hindrances.

The Jiribam-Imphal project has already achieved physical progress of 93.30 percent, and the construction of the project is going on in full swing to connect Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, to the rest of the country.

The project includes the construction of 61.32 km of tunnels, of which 59.11 km of tunneling works have already been completed. The project will have a total of 11 major bridges and 137 minor bridges, of which work for five major bridges and 101 minor bridges have been completed so far.

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The project also includes the construction of the tallest pier railway bridge in the world, with a height of 141 meters, which is nearing completion. The section from Jiribam to Khongsang has already been commissioned for train service.

After the completion of the entire project, the present road journey time of about 10 hours to reach Imphal from Jiribam will get reduced to 2.5 hours by railways.

The Jiribam-Imphal new line railway project is expected to provide several benefits to the people of Manipur, including enhanced connectivity, growth of small-scale industries, and a boost to the state’s tourism.

The project will help the state receive essential commodities faster, and it will also help the state’s local producers export their products outside the state faster. The economy of the state is expected to receive a significant boost from the project.

The NF Railway is putting in a full effort by working 24X7 for the completion of this project, and the project is expected to be completed soon. The Jiribam-Imphal new line railway project is a crucial step towards the development of the northeastern region of India and will provide crucial connectivity to the region.