1. Kamrup (Metro) administration in Assam designates March 26 as a local holiday for Dol Jatra and Holi.
2. The official notification, released on Thursday, applies solely to the Kamrup (Metropolitan) district.
3. Government offices and educational institutions will remain closed on this day in observance of the festivals.

Guwahati, March 22: The Kamrup (Metropolitan) administration in Assam has announced a local holiday on March 26, coinciding with the celebrations of Dol Jatra and Holi, according to an official notification released on Thursday.

The Department of General Administration of the Government of Assam issued the notification, declaring March 26 as a local holiday specifically for the Kamrup (Metropolitan) district.

The notification stated, “The Governor of Assam is pleased to declare a Local holiday on 26th March 2024 within the jurisdiction of Kamrup (Metro) district on account of the Dol Jatra (Holi) Festival. All State Govt. Offices, and educational institutions within Kamrup (Metro) district will remain closed on 26th March 2024 on account of this holiday.”

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Additionally, financial institutions falling under the jurisdiction of the Kamrup (Metropolitan) district are also instructed to remain closed on this day, as mentioned in the notification.

The festival of Dola Purnima, known by various names like Dolo Jatra, Doul Utsav, or Deul, is observed in different parts of India, including Assam.

It is an occasion marked by the swinging of idols and is celebrated in honor of the divine couple, Radha and Krishna, during the Holi festival.