Manipur police have discovered a large number of explosives

Manipur, Nov 15: Manipur police have found a large number of explosives. The Phundrei Battalion of the Assam Rifles, working with Manipur Police, discovered 20 rounds of the M79 grenade launcher, popularly known as lathode, near Wabagai Yanbi High School in Kakching on November 13.

Assam Rifles and Manipur Police launched a joint operation after receiving precise information about a cache of warlike items near Wabagai Yangbi, which resulted in the discovery of 20 grenade rounds stashed in a jute bag, and explosives were also uncovered and were discovered near a school.

Days back, The Assam Rifles convoy was attacked. During the attack, col. Viplab Tripathi martyred. His family including his wife, son, and four more soldiers were martyred.

Meanwhile, on November 8, Assam Rifles seized 243 improvised explosive devices from the Indo-Myanmar border in Moreh. The 43rd Assam Rifles, which is stationed in Moreh, has discovered 197 IEDs weighing between 250 and 500 grams, as well as 33 3 kg weighing explosives, four 4 kg weighed explosives, and nine 5 kg weighing explosive materials.