Tripura people lacking faith in the state police: BJP MLA

Tripura, Nov 15: Tripura ruling BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman has addressed a letter to the Director-General of Police VS Yadav informing that the people of Tripura are losing faith in the state police and also request that voters are able to exercise their right to vote freely and without impediment.

The governing party legislator’s remark follows in the context of a series of claimed killings on politicians from other parties, particularly the BJP, that have been registered from different regions of the state prior to the November 25 election for urban local bodies.

Barman requested that the DGP identify eight wards in the 6 Agartala assembly seat as particularly susceptible and hypersensitive in a letter dated November 12. In the letter, Barman claims that fear psychosis has been instilled in the electorate, which is constantly threatened from all sides.

He further stated that the fear psychosis that has been instilled in the electorate, who are constantly threatened from all sides. It concerns him to watch how quickly the public’s faith and trust in the police are eroding. Criminals and miscreants are having a good time and putting the law into their own hands while the police are still under pressure.

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Barman claims that the regime of terror has been released with the diabolical intent of preventing voters from using their right to vote and turning the election into a travesty.

The letter also emerges amid widespread condemnation of the state police’s purported indiscriminate use of UAPA against persons who are expressing their voices over communal violence in Tripura’s North district’s Panisagar sub-division.

Sudip Roy Barman, Tripura’s health and family welfare minister was removed from the state cabinet in June 2019. However, the state’s opposition parties, the CPI (M), Congress, and Trinamool Congress, have staged a number of rallies, accusing the ruling BJP of targeting candidates running in civic body elections on behalf of opposition parties.