Assam fire

Nalbari, April 11: A case of a horrific fire incident has come to light from Assam. The fire broke out in the Rampur market of the Nalbari area of ​​Assam. Many shops suffered heavy damage in the fire.

Around 7-8 business establishments and shops were gutted in a massive fire that broke out in a market area in Rampur in the Nalbari district last night. Firefighters brought the situation under control with the help of police and locals.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, but preliminary reports suggest that it could have been triggered by a short circuit. The flames engulfed the shops, causing panic among the shopkeepers and the local residents.

As soon as the fire was reported, the local authorities immediately dispatched several fire tenders to the spot to control the situation. The firefighters, along with the police and the local people, worked tirelessly for several hours to douse the flames and prevent them from spreading to the nearby residential areas.

Despite the prompt response of the fire department, around 7-8 shops suffered heavy damage in the fire. The shopkeepers have been left devastated, as most of them had invested their life savings in their businesses. The shopkeepers have appealed to the government to provide them with financial assistance to recover from their losses.

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The incident has once again highlighted the importance of maintaining fire safety measures and taking preventive measures to avoid such disasters. The local authorities must ensure that all buildings in the area adhere to fire safety regulations and that proper fire safety equipment is installed in every building.

Nalbari district administration has taken note of the incident and has promised to provide assistance to those affected by the fire. The administration has also ordered an inquiry into the incident to determine the cause of the fire and take necessary measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Local residents have lauded the swift action taken by the fire department and the police. They have also expressed their condolences to the affected shopkeepers and have offered their support during these tough times.