maternal mortality rate

1. Meghalaya observes a significant decrease in maternal mortality rate (MMR) over two years.
2. MMR declines from 243 in 2020-2021 to 228 in 2021-2022, per Health Department official.
3. Positive trend signals improvement from previously high MMR figures in the state.

Shillong, May 22: Meghalaya is experiencing a notable decline in its maternal mortality rate (MMR), marking a positive trend over the past two years. Previously, the state grappled with alarmingly high MMR figures.

According to a senior official from the Health Department, the MMR dropped from 243 in 2020-2021 to 228 in 2021-2022. The downward trend continued, reaching 155 in 2022-2023, and plummeting further to 100 in 2023-2024.

In the latest data for 2023-2024, ten districts in Meghalaya reported fewer than 10 maternal deaths. Even in the East Khasi Hills district, the number of maternal deaths significantly decreased from 84 in 2021-2022 to 23 in 2023-2024.

Furthermore, the state has shown improvement in infant mortality rates compared to the previous year. In 2022-2023, Meghalaya recorded 1252 infant deaths, which dropped to 932 in 2023-2024.

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However, concerns arise in three districts—North Garo Hills, South Garo Hills, and Ri Bhoi—where infant deaths have increased from 2022-2023 to 2023-2024.

Notably, West Garo Hills and East Khasi Hills districts reported the highest number of infant deaths, with 142 and 330 respectively.

To bolster efforts in reducing MMR and IMR, the Meghalaya government is strategizing a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This collaboration aims to provide essential training to health professionals across Meghalaya, focusing on various health aspects, including ensuring a safe delivery process.

An imminent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Meghalaya government and the foundation will formalize this partnership.