Meitei White House

Washington, D.C., June 24: Members of the Meitei community from the Indian diaspora gathered outside the White House in Washington, demanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention to bring an end to the prolonged violence in Manipur. Despite the rain, approximately 70 Meiteis, including 10 children, traveled from various parts of the United States to raise their voices near the Washington Monument.

The Association of the Meiteis in America (AMA) reported that the demonstrators, originating from cities like Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and others, participated in the protest against the killings and ongoing violence in Manipur, which has persisted for over 50 days. Interestingly, six Meiteis from Bangladesh also joined the demonstration, as stated by the AMA.

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“We were thrilled to receive support from Indians who were part of Prime Minister Modi’s Indian cultural celebration group at the White House. They eagerly joined us in spreading our message of peace and harmony across India and the world,” expressed the association.

Equipped with placards displaying messages of peace, the protesters appealed to PM Modi to expedite the process of resolving the violence and restoring peace in Manipur. Their demonstration aimed to shed light on the plight of the people in the region and emphasize the urgent need for intervention.