Mizoram drugs

Aizawl, April 25: Mizoram Police seized drugs worth over Rs 10 crore and arrested a woman in the Aizawl district on Monday evening.

Acting on a reliable tip-off, the Aizawl District Special Branch (DSB) team found 5.204 kg of Crystal Methamphetamine in the possession of Maria Lalrotluangi, a 42-year-old woman who was staying in the Laipuitlang area of Aizawl.

The police estimate that the seized drug is worth Rs 10.4 crore in the international market. An FIR has been registered at the Bawngkawn police station under the NDPS Act for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Assam Rifles, in a joint operation with the Customs Preventive Force, seized 240 bags of illegal areca nuts worth Rs 1.34 crore in the general area of Murlen, Champhai, on Saturday.

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The operation was carried out based on specific information about a hidden location near the Murlen Track Junction toward the forest area of Murlen National Park.

The recovered consignment was handed over to Customs Preventive Force, Champhai, on April 22 for further legal proceedings.

The ongoing smuggling of illegal areca nuts is a significant cause of concern for the state of Mizoram. Assam Rifles, which is rightly known as the “Sentinels of Northeast,” has been successful in launching such operations against the smuggling activities in Mizoram.

The Mizoram Police and Assam Rifles have been working tirelessly to combat drug trafficking and smuggling in the region, and their efforts have paid off with the successful seizure of illegal drugs and areca nuts.

Such seizures will serve as a warning to drug traffickers and smugglers that law enforcement agencies are vigilant and will take strict action against those involved in illegal activities.

Drug trafficking and smuggling are serious problems that affect the youth and the future of the nation. It is essential to curb the spread of these activities by enforcing strict laws and regulations and taking necessary actions against those who break the law.

The Mizoram Police and Assam Rifles deserve commendation for their efforts in the fight against drug trafficking and smuggling in the region. It is essential to continue such efforts and work towards creating a drug-free society.