Nagaland: 3-yr-old girl goes to the doctor by herself while parents were out for work | photo wins the internet

Nagaland, June 6: ‘Age is just a number,’ so goes the adage to describe the accomplishments of elders. However, netizens have been using it to praise a toddle for her self-awareness and sense of responsibility after she went to a health centre by herself.

A 3-year-old in Nagaland went to get a check-up done while her parents were at work. Now, a photo of the little girl is going viral.

The medical staff at Hebolimi health centre in Ghathashi Tehsil of Zunheboto district was pleasantly surprised by the little one, identified as Lipavi, turning up to get an examination done.

According to the media, Lipavi had common cold symptoms the previous night but since her parents had left to work in the fields, she decided to go for a checkup at the health and wellness centre by herself.

All masked up, she turned up at the health centre and was attended to by the Community Health Officer (CHO). A picture of the little girl with the doctor is winning hearts online.

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Sharing the image and praising the girl, Benjamin Yepthomi, State President of BJYM, Nagaland wrote: “At a time when adults are reluctant to get themselves tested & vaccinated, little Lipavi, in her innocence is showing the way forward for the rest of us. Responsibility is the need of the hour.” Wishing her a speedy recovery, she showered praise and also tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan in his tweet.

As much as people were impressed by the girl, some were also concerned how only at 3-years-old she managed to go alone. Yepthomi replied to people worried and explained: “It’s in the remote village, it’s just a walkable distance from home.”