Sikkim closure

Gangtok, Oct 21: National Highway10 (NH-10) has been reopened after a 16-day closure due to recent flash floods. NH-10 serves as a crucial transportation route in the Himalayan state and has now resumed operation, facilitating travel from Teesta to Sethijhora.

In light of this reopening, Balasubramanian T, the district magistrate of Kalimpong in neighboring West Bengal, issued a circular today, permitting the movement of small and light vehicles along this route. These vehicles are now allowed to operate in a single lane between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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According to the circular’s guidelines, small and light vehicles are permitted to travel in a single lane heading toward Siliguri from the Rangpo-Melli-Teesta bridge, en route to Sethijhora.

Vehicles traveling towards Darjeeling can also proceed in a single lane from Sethijhora and follow the Birik Dara route to reach Darjeeling.

This reopening of NH-10 is a significant step in restoring essential connectivity in the region, and alleviating travel disruptions caused by the recent floods.