Supertech Twin Towers

Noida, Aug 28: The detonation button was pressed, the explosives were triggered and the 100-meter-tall Noida Supertech Twin Towers collapsed like a house of cards. As cheers erupted, a huge cloud of dust engulfed the demolition site.

Once taller than Qutub Minar, Noida Supertech twin towers were reduced to rubble. 3,700kgs of explosives bring down the Noida twin towers after a years-long legal battle over violation of construction laws.

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The nearly 100-meter-high Twin Towers taller than Delhi’s iconic Qutub Minar (73 meters) were brought to the ground in seconds literally like a house of cards by the ‘waterfall implosion’ technique, in a breathtaking spectacle of modern-day engineering.

The dust cloud began dissipating within minutes of the implosion. Visibility is also returning in the general area.

The high-rise twin towers in Noida have finally been demolished at 2.30 pm on Sunday after months of preparations and planning. The demolition was ordered by the Supreme Court in August 2021 after it found the construction of the buildings, namely Apex and Ceyane, violated the minimum distance norms. The demolition took just 9 seconds.