Tipkai River

Guwahati, Oct 18: In a startling incident, a racing boat capsized in the middle of the Tipkai River in Gauripur, located in the Dhubri district of Assam. Fortunately, the occupants of the boat narrowly escaped a tragic fate.

The boat race occurred in a remote area at Baghmara, under the jurisdiction of the Gauripur police station in Dhubri district. More than 30 racing boats participated in the event, with each boat carrying 50 to 70 players to navigate the racing course during the competition.

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In the midst of the Tipkai River, where the race unfolded, one of the racing boats experienced a lower panel failure, causing it to start sinking. When a rescue boat arrived on the scene, some of the players attempted to swim to safety.

An investigation into the incident has been launched, and the players involved have received initial medical treatment.