Meghalaya thunderstorms

1. Relentless rains and thunderstorms inflict substantial damage on Meghalaya’s residential areas and infrastructure.
2. Disaster Management Minister Kyrmen Shylla reports 483 houses, two schools, and one church were affected, impacting around 949 people.
3. The calamity prompts urgent response measures to provide relief and support to affected communities across the state.

Shillong, May 07: Meghalaya has been hit hard by relentless rains and thunderstorms, causing significant damage to residential properties and infrastructure.

According to Disaster Management Minister Kyrmen Shylla, a total of 483 houses, along with two schools and one church, bore the brunt of the disaster, affecting nearly 949 individuals across the state.

The adverse weather conditions, marked by heavy rainfall and strong winds, commenced on Sunday and persisted in various regions into Monday.

Shylla highlighted that seven out of the state’s 12 districts suffered from the calamity, with Eastern West Khasi Hills experiencing the most severe impact.

Efforts are underway by deputy commissioners and Block Development Officers (BDOs) to provide relief to the affected populace.

Shylla emphasized the ongoing assessments across all districts and blocks to ascertain the extent of the damage, facilitating prompt response measures.

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Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma assured that the district administration is mobilizing resources urgently to offer aid to those impacted by the calamitous weather conditions.

Sangma acknowledged the widespread damage caused to numerous residences due to the relentless rains and forceful winds, directing the administration to swiftly initiate relief efforts.

In the face of this natural disaster, the government is focused on providing immediate assistance and support to affected communities, prioritizing their safety and well-being amidst the challenging circumstances.