Gangasagar Mela

1. Three sadhus from Uttar Pradesh en route to Gangasagar Mela in West Bengal were assaulted by a mob in Purulia district.
2. The sadhus, a man and his two sons hired a vehicle for the Makar Sankranti festival in Bengal.
3. Locals became suspicious, accused them of kidnapping, and attacked them after they inquired about the route.

Kolkata, Jan 13: Three sadhus from Uttar Pradesh, who were on their way to the Gangasagar Mela in West Bengal, became victims of a mob assault in Bengal’s Purulia district on Thursday evening.

The sadhus, a man accompanied by his two sons, had hired a vehicle to attend the Makar Sankranti festival at Gangasagar.

The unfortunate incident unfolded when the sadhus sought directions, and their inquiries aroused suspicion among the locals.

The situation escalated as an agitated crowd, suspecting the sadhus of being kidnappers, confronted and assaulted them.

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The sadhus, trying to find their way, had approached three teenage girls to inquire about the route.

However, the girls screamed and fled, triggering suspicion among the locals, leading to the sadhus being apprehended and physically assaulted.

A video captured at the scene depicted the mob not only assaulting the sadhus but also vandalizing a police vehicle. The incident highlights the dangers of misinformation and vigilantism, where innocent individuals can become victims of violence due to unfounded suspicions.

It’s crucial to address such incidents promptly and ensure the safety and protection of individuals, especially those participating in religious or cultural events. Authorities need to emphasize community awareness to prevent such situations from escalating into violence based on misunderstandings. This unfortunate event emphasizes the need for increased awareness, tolerance, and communal harmony to foster a society free from such incidents.