Meitei Manipur

1. Meitei driver, Konthoujam Dingku, mistakenly enters Kuki village T Lailoiphai in Manipur.
2. A heated argument between BSF personnel and Kuki volunteers ensues, leading to Dingku being taken to a discreet location.
3. Kuki elders and youths assist in Dingku’s safe rescue by security forces; local tensions escalate post-rescue.

Imphal, Jan 04: In an act of humanity amidst turmoil, a Meitei driver, Konthoujam Dingku, was safely escorted back home by security forces with the assistance of Kuki elders and youths in Manipur.

The incident unfolded when Dingku mistakenly entered T Lailoiphai, a Kuki village while transporting BSF personnel to their headquarters at Serou Practical High School in Kakching.

A heated argument ensued between BSF personnel and Kuki volunteers, resulting in Dingku being blindfolded and taken to a discreet location by the Kuki group.

The Assam Rifles and BSF troops successfully rescued Dingku. Subsequently, enraged locals of Lailoiphai village damaged some household properties of their village chief for permitting the rescue operation.

The convoy had unintentionally taken the wrong route, entering T Lailoiphai village, where they were intercepted by a Kuki mob conducting driver verifications.

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While other Muslim drivers were unharmed, Dingku faced the mob’s wrath, leading to an argument with BSF personnel.

An audio recording of Dingku’s conversation with the vehicle owner revealed he was blindfolded and taken to a hill by some youth and village elders.

The timely intervention of Assam Rifles and BSF ensured his rescue. Dingku and the vehicle were subsequently handed over to Bishnupur police by Sangaikot police.