Arunachal GI

1. Arunachal Pradesh celebrates “Adi Kekir” ginger, handmade carpets by Tibetan settlers, and wooden artefacts by the Wancho community receive the GI tag.
2. Adi Kekir, a ginger variety, is renowned for its taste and size, originating from East Siang, Siang, and Upper Siang districts.
3. NABARD supports the state’s initiative, providing financial assistance and aiding in GI registration for these products.

Itanagar, Jan 04: Arunachal Pradesh celebrates as three distinctive products secure the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) tag, marking their unique identity.

The recognized items include “Adi Kekir” (ginger), handmade carpets crafted by Tibetan settlers, and wooden artifacts by the Wancho community.

  1. Adi Kekir (Ginger): Hailing from East Siang, Siang, and Upper Siang districts, Adi Kekir is a distinct variety of ginger known for its exceptional taste and size.
  2. Handmade Carpets by Tibetan Settlers: Crafted by Tibetan refugees residing in various parts of Arunachal Pradesh, these handmade carpets are renowned for their characteristic designs, motifs, and textures.
  3. Wancho Wooden Craft Items: The Wancho community’s wooden craft items stand out with unique features like human heads depicted in tobacco pipes with head-shaped bowls and drinking mugs portraying warriors carrying heads. Additionally, artisans create sculptures of Lord Buddha, animals, and dolls.

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The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is crucial in supporting the state government’s initiative to promote these indigenous products. NABARD not only provides financial assistance but also facilitates the GI registration process.

Out of the 18 products endorsed by NABARD for GI registration, six have successfully obtained certification. Previously, Arunachal Pradesh celebrated the GI tags for Yak Churpi (cheese made from Arunachali yak milk), Khamti rice (a sticky rice variety from Namsai district), and Tangsa textile of Changlang district.

This recognition adds to the cultural and economic significance of Arunachal Pradesh, promoting local artisans and their traditional expertise.

The GI tag serves as a symbol of authenticity, indicating that the products possess unique qualities derived from their specific geographical origin.

As Arunachal Pradesh continues to showcase its diverse heritage, the state aims to strengthen its efforts to promote and preserve these distinctive products.