Manipur online classes

Imphal, June 10: Amid the extended closure of schools in Manipur, students from the state, including representatives of the North East Students’ Organisation (Neso), are calling for the restoration of internet services to facilitate online classes.

In response to the ongoing clashes in Manipur, the state government advanced the summer vacation for schools and universities. Consequently, while schools have been closed since May 4 and are scheduled to reopen on May 30, universities have remained shut since May 15 and are expected to reopen on June 5.

Despite the conclusion of the designated vacation period, schools continue to remain closed due to the prevailing unrest, resulting in an unofficial extension of the summer break. Many students had to leave Manipur to appear for the recent UPSC exams, traveling to exam centers outside the state for last-minute preparations through online platforms.

“The restoration of normalcy may take a considerable amount of time. Although the summer vacation has ended, the government has yet to issue an official directive on the next steps for students. With the lingering violence, educational institutions can only operate through online mode. To facilitate this, internet services must be resumed at the earliest,” emphasized Wangjam Sanatomba, Assistant General Secretary of Neso in Manipur.

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Thanggou Haokip, a second-semester BEd student at Manipur University, shared his concerns, stating, “Officially, the holidays are over, but we are uncertain when classes will resume. Neither the teachers nor the university authorities can provide any clarity.” Haokip had completed his first-semester exams in April, and classes were scheduled to commence in early May before the outbreak of violence disrupted the academic calendar.

“We are currently residing in rented accommodations in Shillong. My future is at stake. Without access to results, classes, and the internet, I, along with many others, stand to lose at least one academic year. It is imperative that online classes and internet services are restored immediately,” Haokip expressed his frustration.

The plea from the student community highlights the urgency to address the situation promptly, ensuring the continuity of education through digital platforms. The resumption of Internet services for online classes will not only mitigate the impact on student’s academic progress but also safeguard their educational aspirations during these challenging times.

The students’ earnest request underscores the need for swift action by the authorities to facilitate a conducive learning environment and minimize the potential loss of an entire academic year for numerous students in Manipur.