Agartala train

Agartala, May 17: In a significant development for the connectivity between Agartala and Kolkata, Union Minister Pratima Bhoumik flagged off the weekly special train, which will operate between the two cities.

The train comprises fully air-conditioned coaches, providing a comfortable travel experience for passengers. Speaking to the media, Bhoumik highlighted the close bond between Agartala and Kolkata and emphasized the train’s crucial role in connecting these two cities.

Bhoumik expressed her gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for initiating this train service, which would enable the common man to travel to Kolkata at an affordable fare. The train is equipped with German technology Link Hoffman Busch berths, enhancing the comfort and convenience of passengers during their journey.

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Taking to Twitter, Bhoumik shared her excitement about the event, stating, “Indian Railways is the lifeline of the country. Today is a day of joy not only for the people of Tripura but also for the entire Northeast region. A fully air-conditioned economy train has started running from Agartala to Kolkata with 11 coaches. I am proud to be present at the launch of this special train.”

The introduction of this fully air-conditioned train service between Agartala and Kolkata marks a significant milestone in enhancing transportation options for the residents of Tripura and neighboring regions. The train is expected to foster greater connectivity, boost tourism, and facilitate smooth travel experiences for passengers.

The availability of fully air-conditioned coaches ensures a comfortable and pleasant journey, particularly during the scorching summer months. Passengers can now travel in style and convenience, enjoying a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere throughout their trip.

The economical fare structure of the train further enhances its appeal, making it accessible to a wide range of travelers, including the common man. This affordability factor is expected to contribute to increased passenger traffic and encourage more people to explore the cultural, economic, and educational opportunities offered by Kolkata.

The successful launch of this special train service reflects the government’s commitment to improving connectivity and transportation infrastructure across the country. By focusing on the development of railways, the government aims to strengthen the nation’s lifeline and promote inclusive growth.

The inauguration of the Agartala-Kolkata special train is not only a cause for celebration for the people of Tripura but also a significant step towards enhancing regional integration and fostering socio-economic development in the Northeast region. It opens up new avenues for trade, commerce, tourism, and cultural exchange, further enriching the ties between Agartala and Kolkata.

As the train embarks on its journey, passengers can look forward to a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience, creating memories along the way. The introduction of this special train service is a testament to the government’s efforts in building a robust and efficient transportation network that caters to the needs of the people and contributes to the nation’s progress.