Assam ECI

Guwahati, June 20: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has taken a significant step in the democratic process by publishing the draft proposal for the delimitation of Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies for Assam. This move marks an important milestone in ensuring fair and effective representation for the people of Assam in the state assembly and the Lok Sabha.

According to the ECI, the number of Assembly seats will remain at 126, providing continued representation for various constituencies across the state. This decision ensures that the diverse voices and interests of the people of Assam are adequately represented in the legislative assembly, allowing for inclusive and participatory governance.

Similarly, the number of Lok Sabha seats in Assam will also be retained at 14. These seats hold great significance as they represent the state’s representation at the national level. By maintaining the existing number of Lok Sabha seats, the ECI ensures that Assam’s contribution to the national decision-making process remains unchanged.

The publication of the draft proposal by the ECI sets the stage for public participation and engagement in the delimitation process. The Commission has invited suggestions and objections from the public regarding the proposed delimitation of constituencies.

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This inclusive approach allows citizens, political parties, and stakeholders to express their views and contribute to the finalization of constituency boundaries.

The period for submitting suggestions and objections extends until July 11, providing ample time for interested individuals and groups to study the draft proposal and present their feedback.

This democratic exercise promotes transparency, accountability, and the principles of participatory democracy, ensuring that the delimitation process is fair and reflective of the aspirations of the people.

Delimitation plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of representation within constituencies. It takes into account various factors, including population distribution, geographical considerations, and demographic changes, to determine the boundaries of electoral constituencies.

By periodically reviewing and adjusting these boundaries, the ECI ensures that each constituency represents an equitable number of voters, promoting effective representation and democratic governance.

The ECI’s commitment to conducting a comprehensive delimitation exercise in Assam demonstrates its dedication to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring the democratic rights of the people. The process aims to create a level playing field for political parties and candidates, enabling fair elections and the opportunity for every citizen’s voice to be heard.

As the delimitation process moves forward, it is crucial for all stakeholders to actively participate and provide their valuable input. This includes political parties, civil society organizations, and individual citizens who have a vested interest in shaping the future of electoral boundaries in Assam.

Their involvement will contribute to the formulation of a well-informed and inclusive delimitation plan that reflects the aspirations and interests of the people.

The publication of the draft proposal for the delimitation of Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies in Assam by the ECI is a significant step towards strengthening democracy in the state.

It sets the stage for public participation, inviting suggestions and objections, and ensures that the voices of the people are heard in shaping the electoral boundaries. With a commitment to transparency and fairness, the delimitation process will contribute to a more inclusive and representative political system in Assam.