Arunachal Congress

1. APCC Chief Nabam Tuki accuses BJP of enticing Congress candidates with money for election victory.
2. Several party candidates reportedly withdrew nominations after being offered substantial sums by the BJP.
3. Tuki alleges that BJP’s strategy aims to sway election outcomes through financial inducements.

Itanagar, April 03: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) chief Nabam Tuki has accused the ruling BJP in the state of enticing Congress candidates with money to secure victory in the assembly elections.

According to Tuki, many party candidates withdrew their nomination papers after being offered substantial sums by the ruling party. Initially, the opposition party had fielded 34 candidates for the 60 assembly seats, but it is now left with only 19 nominees.

Tuki, contesting as a Lok Sabha candidate from the Arunachal West parliamentary constituency, along with the party’s vice president Bosiram Siram, who is contesting from the Eastern seat, alleges that the BJP’s strategy involves purchasing Congress candidates.

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“This is not a surprise… the ruling party has made all efforts to win the elections. It is an open secret that the BJP candidates are using money to purchase our candidates,” Tuki stated.

Speaking after releasing the party’s manifesto, Tuki, a six-time MLA from Sagalee constituency in Papum Pare district, expressed confidence in winning in all the 19 seats where their candidates are contesting.

Regarding alliances with other parties in the state, Tuki disclosed that the Congress would ally with any party that believes in secularism, although he refrained from naming specific parties.

Responding to questions about the BJP winning 10 seats uncontested, Tuki cited past instances where the Congress had won seats unopposed and highlighted the party’s ability to secure victories regardless of such circumstances.

Tuki asserted that if the opposition INDIA bloc triumphs in the national elections, there would be an immediate change in the state government. He noted that many present BJP MLAs and ministers were originally from the Congress, emphasizing the fluid nature of politics in Arunachal.

Addressing concerns about his political future in the event of electoral defeat, Tuki expressed confidence in his constituency’s support, citing his track record of contributions to the state.

Former Lok Sabha MP and party campaign chairman Takam Sajoy echoed Tuki’s sentiments, emphasizing democratic values and the resilience of the INDIA bloc against the BJP’s governance.

He dismissed concerns about Tuki’s political career, affirming that setbacks are inherent to democratic processes.