India Myanmar

1. Amit Shah, Union Home Minister, declared the termination of the Free Movement Regime (FMR) between India and Myanmar.
2. The decision, made on February 8, reflects Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dedication to strengthening national borders.
3. Shah emphasized the need to safeguard internal security and maintain demographic balance along the India-Myanmar border.

New Delhi, Feb 08: Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced the scrapping of the Free Movement Regime (FMR) between India and Myanmar on February 8, emphasizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to bolstering national borders.

Shah highlighted the importance of preserving internal security and the demographic composition of India’s border regions adjacent to Myanmar.

In line with this objective, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) recommended the immediate suspension of the FMR.

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The Free Movement Regime, which previously allowed unrestricted movement of people within specified areas along the India-Myanmar border, has faced scrutiny due to concerns about security threats and demographic changes.

Amit Shah reiterated Prime Minister Modi’s determination to secure the nation’s borders, underscoring the broader strategy of strengthening India’s frontier regions and implementing robust border management mechanisms.