NRC referred 1032 doubtful cases for further review

Assam, Nov 17: State Coordinator of NRC, Assam has said that less than a thousand doubtful cases have been referred to the district commissioners for necessary action in the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Assam.

The government of Assam excluded nearly 19 lakh NRC cases from the final draft register published on August 31, 2019, which cost 1,220 crores.

According to the BJP-led government in Assam, the NRC as it stands is unacceptable and that at least 30% of names in the border areas with Bangladesh need to be re-verified and 10% in the rest of the state. A re-verification of the list was sought by the NRC Coordinator in May.

The Registrar General of India under the Home Ministry informed the Assam government on March 23 that issuance of rejection slips for those excluded from the final draft will be done through a “mission mode.” The State Coordinator is a secretary rank officer as citizenship is a central subject.

Below are the acronyms for doubtful voters, foreigners declared, and cases pending with Foreigners Tribunals (FTs), derivatives of voters not qualified, descendants of foreigners declared, and cases pending with Foreigners Tribunals involving declared foreigners. A unique feature of Assam’s tribunals is that they are quasi-judicial bodies.

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In addition, no rejection slips have been issued yet, and the final NRC is yet to be published by the RGI based on Clause 7.A.4 of Schedule 4(A) of the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003.

The Local Registrar of Citizens Registration (LRCR) published the Supplementary list for inclusion or deletion on 31st August 2019. “The Center could not issue rejection slips until the NRC was published,” the reply indicated.

The rejected persons have 120 days from the date they receive their rejection slips to contact the FTs. A person may object to being listed on or out of the citizen register under Citizenship Rules, in which case the local registrar (usually the revenue officer appointed by the State government) will notify the applicant and the applicant shall reply with supporting documentation. Villages and wards publish the register.

According to the response, NRC’s budget for publication is 1602.66 crores. Neither the state nor the central governments plan to allocate any additional budget to the NRC in 2020. It outlined that the Government of Assam would allocate $10.07 crore for its State budget in 2021.

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The National Registration Commission was compiled in Assam under the court’s supervision.

ACGSP and AASU were members of the Assam Accord of 1985, which sought to detect, disenfranchise and deport foreign nationals.