Unidentified gunmen

Imphal, Oct 11: Unidentified gunmen in Manipur once again targeted oil tankers and assaulted drivers along National Highway 37, known as the Imphal-Jiri road. In response to this incident, the All Manipur Petroleum Products Transporters Association (AMPPTA) and the All Manipur Petroleum Products Drivers Association (AMPPDA) initiated a strike, demanding increased security measures for oil tankers.

Furthermore, they announced the closure of the Malom Oil Depot and all oil pumps until the issue was adequately addressed.

The incident took place on a Monday evening as 169 oil tankers were en route to Imphal along National Highway 37. Unidentified assailants fired gunshots at two oil tankers bearing registration numbers AS-01-GC-3847 and AS-25-BC-5299 in the Nungba region around 8:30 p.m. L. Somendro, President of AMPPTA, expressed his disappointment in the government’s inability to provide sufficient protection for vehicles traveling on this national route.

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Incidents such as extortion by unknown culprits have been occurring with increasing frequency, raising concerns about the safety of transporters.

Mukta Nongbri, Secretary of AMPPDA, highlighted the repeated requests made to the Manipur Chief Secretary for assistance in ensuring the safety of drivers who risk their lives to transport goods along these national routes. He condemned the attacks on drivers and questioned who would be held accountable if any unfortunate incidents occurred.

The ongoing violence and attacks on oil tankers have raised concerns about the safety and security of the transport of essential goods and the well-being of the drivers involved. It’s crucial that the government takes immediate measures to address these issues and provide adequate protection for the transportation sector, which plays a vital role in the region’s economy and livelihoods.